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  • Heng Chang Machinery Co., Ltd(HCH) is a leading professional manufacturer of complete production lines for disposable hygiene products. HCH, located in Anqing, a famous city with historical civilization、beautiful landscape and convenient traffic which abuts on Mount Huang Shan (the world famous scenic spot) and Jiu hua Mountain (the famous shrine of Buddhism), was founded in 1988 and had become a well-known corporation which has 110000㎡ of whole plant area、more than 400 staffs of all kinds of professional knowledge and more than 100 machining tools under the supporting of persons in line of business for years.【More】

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  • HCH China
  • HCH Turkey
  • HCH Latin America
  • +86-556-5325888
  • +90-532-6091270
  • +86-556-5357442
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